A story of love and fantasy that has lasted for over fifty years, born in the heart of Europe between Belgrade, Zagreb, Budapest, passing through the port in Italy through the “art shop” of precious antique jewels , opened in Venice, in Piazza San Marco, by the mother and aunts of the creator Hedy Martinelli. The Venetian experience leaves in Hedy Martinelli the sign of a certain Byzantine art that is found years later in the creation of some colliers in the iron net. The arrival in Rome, the continuous trips to London and around the world, lead the young Hedy to open an Art Deco boutique in the heart of Rome. His imagination plays, creates, in accordance with international trends, remaining always in step with the wishes of the “new” woman, strong, determined, who works and who wants to wear unique pieces. There are pieces that weave steel and gold, iron and platinum, copper and silver. Pieces made strictly by hand, unique, unrepeatable. Women of great charm and elegance come to Rome from all over the world, because they want to wear the Hedy Martinelli jewels. A true love story does not end. Livia, the young grandson of Hedy, CEO of the company, took the baton and, together with her mother Francesca, wants to take her into a new dimension, through a new international organizational structure, always in step with the times, but with a eye to tradition.